UK Lockdown: Day 270

‘Twas four days before the Christmas lockdown easing, and all around stood cheery folk, excited to see their families.

Then BJ decided to limit our time to Christmas Day itself. Not much use if you’ve booked your train tickets to stay with someone miles away, is it?

Yep, that’s you Boris. More dithering, more delay, and more confusion….

Another Bodge Job. Too little. Too late. Who’s going to listen to him now? Those of you who’ve been meeting up, mixing households, and throwing parties won’t stop now, will you? Those of you who think it’s all fake won’t stop now, will you? Those of you who are panicking and terrified won’t feel any calmer, will you? Those of you who are missing family and desperate to see loved ones won’t feel any better, will you?

This government has failed on so many fronts. And you might think I’m being unfair, but it’s my opinion. So many missed opportunities, silly reopenings, and two none starter ‘lockdowns’.

Seems like a lifetime ago now, right?

Despite the news today, I have had a pleasant day. I’ve had two socially distanced meet-ups. One with a very dear friend who is far too generous and kind. And one with another very dear friend. We took a lovely stroll around Roundhay Park and had a baileys hot chocolate in the beautiful rose gardens at Tropical World.

We are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery and parks in Leeds. And I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.

This is the beautiful scenes in summer.

This evening I decided to trek over to the other side of Leeds (and get lost). My navigation skills are very poor and I decided to give up when I realised I must have been going the wrong way. Luke had been out with a few friends for a socially distanced walk too, so I managed to make my way back to Leeds and met back up with him.

Tonight’s Christmas Countdown film is Scrooged, and I’ve been recommended to watch Noelle on Disney Plus as well! So there is plenty to be watched, but for now I’m watching a very enticing series on Netflix about The (Yorkshire) Ripper.

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