UK Lockdown: Days 276-279

The Christmas bubble experience was over far too fast for my liking… from visiting my sister, seeing my Grandad and virtually seeing my in-laws and my brother, its been a speedy blur. I feel very thankful that I could see my Mum and Dad-in-law, Mum and Grandad, where so many people couldn’t, but it went by so fast, today I feel quite tired from all the excitement and nostalgia.

Christmas Eve is normally the day my sister and I spend helping Mum wrap the mountain of presents she’s left until the last minute- but this year we were up early and at my sisters front door giddy with excitement (we couldn’t get to her for Christmas Day). The restrictions in the UK meant that until the last minute we weren’t even sure we would travel- but in the end common sense, family and our little Christmas bubble prevailed.

This is my “I’m ecstatic to see my sister” face.

Travelling on Christmas Eve is as joyous as the traditional song sounds, I couldn’t wait to see those faces I’d been seeing virtually for almost two months. Sarah and I are so close that not seeing her has been as weird as wearing shorts in December (although, after this year, nothing would surprise me…)

Christmas Day in our family is all about waking up early, opening presents in our pyjamas and singing festive classics at the top of our lungs. This year was going to be different anyway, as it was our first living together, it just ended up being a lot different. It was really lovely that we could spend the morning together, just us two, but so quiet in comparison to the full house I am used to. This year was very quiet and weirdly relaxed, all the virtual meet-ups kept us busy, and my Grandad even had an alcoholic beverage which is very rare.

The days that followed the excitement have been chilled and homely. Yesterday we just had a mini buffet at home with our in-laws and my Mum, were normally there would have been dozens of people to see and places to go. Usually Luke works a large chunk of Boxing Day- which of course couldn’t happen, and I sleep for most of it- but that was today instead (Luke wishes he could have worked I imagine).

Post Boxing Day slump set in this morning and we spent most of the day under a blanket. And in true British style, when we decided to go out for a walk- the rain started! The canal was so high when we walked past, apparently Storm Bella is due to hit England over the next few days.

Tomorrow will probably be a step back into normality, and hopefully a less wet walk. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas as Covid safe as possible, but also in a good way for your mental health.

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