UK Lockdown: Day 281

The last few days have been a crazy blur of emotions and confusion. Sometimes I get waaaay too caught up in myself and forget to just – breathe.

Basically, I struggle to think about things in an logical way and instead my mind goes into overdrive and becomes very emotional. It’s both a good and a bad thing, if I’m honest, and it’s ideal when I need to be empathetic or helpful but not if I need to be logical and rational.

Today, however, was a good day. We took a trip out to Otley (which is a town just on the edge of Leeds- still an LS postcode before anyone shoots me) and had a wander round the lovely streets and charity shops. It was freeeezing and we (of course) had to eat out in the cold because no cafes are allowed to be open (even though you can stand shoulder to shoulder in Tesco’s…)

How cute is this nativity scene we saw at a church in Otley?

We had a lovely walk up the river and reminisced about our childhood memories playing in the park and eating chips by the riverside. It’s strange how similar some parts of our earlier years were before we got together.

This evening I had a Zoom chat with the girls and took an adorable selfie with Angel. I am loving having time off at Christmas/New Year because it feels like a weird semblance of normal in a very abnormal existence at the moment. Plus, I never normally get time off over the festive period so I feel like a real winner.

Her little scrunched-up, sleepy face is adorable. Excuse the coats in the background.

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