UK Lockdown: Day 285

Sorry for the absent days on the lockdown diaries. The last few have been an absolute blur, we’ve started a new year, added a new housemate and even seen snow. Been a bit of a weird start to a New Year really!

I’ve been a bit on the edge for the last few days with a new household member, slippy ice, starting a new job in a few days and the potential Tier 4. Leeds missed out on it but every area around us is facing those tighter restrictions.

Some of the time I’m terrified about Covid, and some of the time I don’t understand why we can’t make the vaccine come quicker. And a lot of the time I just want to get back to work because I find some days so long!

Today has flown so far though, and it’s 6.30pm. We had a lounger of a morning (which never really changes), a classic British brunch of beans on toast, and a wander to the shops before I headed to see my Mum for a catch-up and chill.

Usually, we spend most of the evening with her too, but today Luke has made a delicious, homemade cottage pie for tea and I can’t wait to devour it.

Lockdown life calls for healthy and hearty comfort food, lots of cuddles, a good support network and time with our lovely pets.

I, for one, can’t wait to get some normality back into my life this year though. 2021 please be nicer to us all than 2020. We love need some self care and to look after ourselves.

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