UK Lockdown: Day 288

Time flies when you’re having fun, or busy doing nothing… one of the two. Today has been strangely busy though.

This morning I had to get up and meet my manager to let him in for a plumber at work. Said plumber couldn’t actually do the job, so it was a slightly wasted journey. But it kept me busy so I was happy enough.

When I got back home I did some e-learning on Google Garage and had some lunch with Luke and his Mum, Dawn.

After lunch we went on a lovely walk along the canal and Luke took another of his beautiful photos. Lockdown has flourished him into an avid photographer and he loves finding a great reflection or mirage.

Later on I had a phone call from my “should be starting work tomorrow” job, I’m not starting in the conventional way, but I am meeting the team and having a browse of all the buildings on Friday.

I also popped over to my mums (a lot later in the day than intended, but there you go), which was lovely. I’ve had a little catch-up and a nice cuppa. True British style.

This is the only real tea in England.

Today I’ve felt a lot more myself and I am trying to stay positive throughout this insane situation we find ourselves in. It’s not easy, but if I keep my mind busy, spend time with loved ones and stay fairly active I am hopeful. I just wish for Spring to come quicker and the vaccine to get out there sooner. Fingers crossed guys. Keep praying. Stay dreaming. All the best to one and all.

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