UK Lockdown: Days 289-291

Days 289 and 290 were a strange couple of days mixed with new beginnings, strange weather and a blur of emotions from excitement to frustration…

Thursday was my ‘official’ start date working at the Leeds University Business School (LUBS), I’ll be doing general admin, receptionist work and assisting colleagues and students alike. However, with the current lockdown no.3 I can’t start this new role yet. So, instead, I was due a ‘meet the team’ video call- which was all well and good until my internet decided then was the time to refuse to work. Very annoying. Thankfully though, my manager was very understanding and assured me not to worry we would arrange it again soon.

Black cat with a white cat Life can’t be ‘bad’ when you have two beautiful cats in your life.

Friday was the day I went into the university to assist the team with removing any important data and equipment for staff to use from home during their virtual lectures etc. It’s such a surreal world at the moment and I’m pretty sure everyone involved was thinking how bizarre it all was. It was made even stranger by the heavy snow, crazy wind and even more insane the amount of students who thought uni was open as normal…

After a good first day I was very pleased to get home into my pyjamas, eat my body weight in fish & chips and play Monopoly.

Today was a much more relaxed day for me. We had a lazy morning watching all things Gordon Ramsay on YouTube and then headed out for a walk around Roundhay Park.

Tall man stood with a snowy woodland backgroundHere is Luke rocking his tinted lenses and waterproof jacket.

The snow at Roundhay brought lots of kids to the park for sledging antics down Hill 60, and just about anywhere else they could take a sled! We took a stroll around both the lakes and enjoyed the beautiful sun shining through the barren trees.

Luke took some wonderful photos, as usual, he really is becoming quite the photographer.

Snowy field in Roundhay, Leeds
Partly frozen lake with swans at sunset

This evening, we’ve eaten some delicious homemade soup made by Dawn, Luke’s mum. It’s the perfect food to eat when you’ve been out walking in the frosty snow. She also brought some delicious chocolate cake home from his Auntie Julie.

How is Lockdown 3 treating you?

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