UK Lockdown: Days 292-294

Sunday Funday. Monday Maundy-day. Then today started as a horrible day, but ended well!

Sunday’s in lockdown aren’t too dissimilar to the ones in ‘normal’ mode, there’s just a few less faces around the dinner table. This Sunday I video-called my sister, brother and Mum. It’s so hard not seeing Josh, I can’t bear the idea of this lasting past summer because I’m really struggling with not seeing him. It’s all just so difficult.

Here he is with one of his wonderful Support Workers

Later on, we headed over to my Mums and had a roast dinner. It still feels very odd having a full meal on a Sunday and not seeing my Grandad. I know he has wonderful neighbours, but he must feel so lonely.

Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty crap. I just can’t get my head around the idea of not seeing friends and family, or working, or any idea of normality until summer. The idea of tougher restrictions and a curfew doesn’t bode well with me either.

In the afternoon, Luke and I headed out for a walk and to do a spot of shopping. I started to feel a little better, and when we returned home we played a board game and chilled out.

Today was another bad start. I woke up feeling disengaged and miserable. Not to put a downer on things, but I sometimes think it’s only a few of us behaving ourselves and too many people flouting the rules and avoiding social distancing and isolating…

After a while I decided to do a few tasks on my laptop and try and connect with myself and calm down a little. Not working isn’t going very well for me, but I am trying. And this afternoon I heard back from a few ventures. I’ll be helping direct people for their vaccine on Thursday, and on Friday I’ll be helping out a group of volunteers in the city centre supporting homeless people.

Out afternoon walk, today, took us along the canal to Thwaite’s Mill, where we saw the lovely pagan site again. This little circle gives a great moment of peace and quiet in a busy area.

After a cuppa, i video-called my sister and played a few games of virtual Ludo. It was so lovely to check-in with her and see how she was doing. I felt loads better for having a lovely chat with her. She’s awesome.

And then, Luke ordered us a delicious Chinese. Just what I needed after a couple of difficult days.

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