UK Lockdown: Day 297

“It is not our abilities who reveal who we truly are; it is our choices”.

Today I found out I’ve been made redundant from the restaurant I worked at, and yesterday was just a bit crap overall. I know I’ve been through worse than a naff lockdown, a job loss and some strange circumstances. But I’m struggling at the moment.

If I was a cat… this would be the nap of the day.

There is one great positive though, I’ve secured my job at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) and I’m being paid (even though I can’t work!) so I should be okay money wise.

The Albus Dumbledore quote of the day has really given me a little lift. Let’s face it, Harry Potter is always a good idea, and so is yoga. Thank goodness I did some of that today or I’d probably have gone to bed at 5pm and that wouldn’t have been a great plan.

I found out I’ve been made redundant via email, so I feel like it’s a bit of a lucky escape. Who knows how long I’d have worked there without getting any respect, loyalty or appreciation? I think I’ve lined something else up for when restaurants reopen if I don’t find anything else in the mean time. It’s just a lot. You know?

On a happier note, I’ve decided I NEED to do yoga daily (with a few rest days) and I need to keep my mind active, or I’ll just get myself into a bad state and I’ve had a week of that. I don’t want to keep spiralling and lose myself. Not over things I can’t control or thinking about things I can’t change.

Today’s walk was rather eventful too… check out the eerie snow and fog. Because what else is there to do when it’s snowed and you’re losing a job? Why, you go for a walk and jump through the snow, right? Life is for LIVING. No matter what it throws at you.

Which snowman wore it best? You decide.

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