UK Lockdown: Day 300

Three hundred days of strangeness and uncertainty. Let’s hope we don’t have to do much more.

I keep wondering if we will ever get out of this lockdown, Luke tells me I’m silly and of course we will, but part of me feels as if this is the new life. No more friends out for drinks, meals out with family, big weddings, picnics in the park, holidaying overseas. Just face coverings, stress, social distancing and isolating… please God don’t let it be so.

Today I’ve felt fairly okay, maybe even slightly positive in fact. I almost don’t want to let myself feel ‘okay’ (after a few crazy days and letting redundancy sink in). I mean, I know I’ll be okay for a while with little income, but I really want to be working ASAP. Quite naturally so, and I know I am VERY lucky in comparison to many people right now. But that doesn’t make it any easier in the here and now.

I spent the morning applying for jobs, anything from customer service to cleaning, administration to social media marketing. and I am hopeful that some good will come out of something.

I’ve got an interview for a volunteer job tomorrow, as well as signing up with a recruitment agency. Then on Wednesday I’ve got an interview in the afternoon. And, thankfully my part-time job should have me fairly productive on Thursday and Friday as well. I am determined that this week I won’t let myself get too-inside-my-own-head. Keep your fingers crossed folks.

Aside from paid work (which of course I need), I also want to do some volunteering. To give something back to those less fortunate than me. It’s important to me to keep busy as well, and I really think that will help me to feel more myself. Being a busy body really has its drawbacks!

As well as being productive, Luke and I also had a lovely walk over to see Sammy the cat (at Luke’s parents house as his Dad was working), and for some reason I felt the need to ask Luke to kick a giant snowball into Wykebeck stream… as you do, and then we took a silly selfie.

Today was a good day. Here’s hoping the rest of the week is too.

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