UK Lockdown: Day 303

Rabbits live in Leeds city centre. Can you believe that?

This Thursday has been a lot better than last week, in fact this whole week is lot smoother. My mental health feels so much better. I’m not 100% (who is?), but I’ll get there.

Since Monday I’ve signed up to a couple of recruitment agencies, various job roles and had an interview at one place. I believe I’ve got this. Even in my darker moments I know I’ll get another job and things will get better (and hopefully back to the real normal, soon).

This song came into my head yesterday afternoon after my interview and I feel like it was a “sign” that things will get better this year. And that I need some self belief, we all do. Even little wins are big wins. We’re living through a pandemic for goodness sake!

Honey film, I believe

This morning I spent some time on LUBS website and got to grips with the system and how to access various bits of information. And then this afternoon I took a walk up to the Business School buildings so I can get my bearings before I officially start working there (actually on campus and not virtually).

Luke and I walked through a little garden area and spotted a few rabbits. It was such a lovely feeling seeing such beautiful nature in a city centre.

Rabbit on grass
It’s not the best photo, but it has great meaning and I can’t wait to sit here on my lunch break in the future!

Now I’m having a cuppa with my mum and thinking positively about the future. Life can be pretty good one minute, and shockingly bad the next, but believe me- you’re stronger than you think! Look after yourself everyone.

What’s everyone having for tea? I’m hungry.

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