UK Lockdown: Day 308

Soon it will have been a year since our lives were thrown into a surreal new world of homeworking, isolating and panic. Parts of that year have been really great for me, and some parts have been the lowest days of my life. I think its been a year we have all been able to relate to each other on a far deeper level. Sure, some of us have adjusted really well to staring at the same four walls- maybe, even appreciated not having a long commute to work at 6.30 every morning. But, for every happy homeworker there’s been a redundancy, a serious reaction to Covid, a severe mental health issue.

Let’s hope things do start REALLY looking up very soon. I’m hoping the year mark will give us some new happier news. Only 57 days to go- let’s hope I’m right!

My weekend was pretty busy, and, thankfully, not spent staring at my laptop for several hours jobhunting, networking or e-learning… I’m ecstatic to say that I had whole week of not letting myself feel really low, and, admittedly I had a few moments of anxiety, but I managed not to spiral- and I’m counting that as a win!

Beautiful sunshine on Saturday.

I saw my lovely friend and confidante, Ruth on Saturday and we had a wander round Roundhay. It was so lovely to see a different face and talk about the future and how we really MUST do lots of fun things as soon as we can. Looking back on some lovely memories of nights out, tasty food, coffees in cafes, games nights, hugging each other- and thinking of the future when we have little people running around, weddings, parties and socialising in a normal way! I hope and pray that it will happen this year. 2021 please don’t follow suit of your predecessor…

On Sunday, we saw my Mum and had a lovely veggie roast dinner. I’m also obsessed with the board game Ticket To Ride now and I long for the days of getting on the first train we see at the station and seeing where the day takes us. It’s crazy what this pandemic has brought us. But it’s also important to see all the good things it’s taught us too. All the way through this lockdown, all any of us have wanted is human contact and love. And the hippy in me loves that!

I also think that my feline girlies; Angel and Coco have got me through some of my darker moments too.

Not the best photo of us both, but here is Angel. Sassy, classy and a little bit ‘bad assy’.

Yesterday and today have been far more work-focussed. I’ve filled in a few job forms, met a future job contact, checked my work emails, got another interview lined up, and I’m volunteering at a vaccination clinic this week as well so I’ve just done some data entry training. Busy Bee Becky is a happy Becky.

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