UK Lockdown: Day 310

Eager Beaver Becky almost spread herself a bit too thin over the last few days, but here I am keeping myself busy and as positive as I can be in the crazy days of Lockdown 3.0.

Yesterday I had a Covid test to ensure I could do some volunteering at a vaccine clinic, and I am pleased to say I am Covid negative but Awesome positive!

Both today and yesterday I’ve been doing some voluntary social media work for a Girlguiding Leeds and it’s been so much fun. After almost a year of not being able to do regular posting I can’t wait to get into some real marketing and hopefully learn lots of new things along the way. Plus, with a cat like Coco being sat by my side the work is easy!

Yes, my ‘office’ is next to my bed.

This afternoon I was down at the vaccine clinic doing some general data imputing and admin. It felt AMAZING to be part of something so important and (hopefully) life-changing for many people. I got quite emotional at some people’s reactions to having the vaccine and how much desperation and eagerness many people feel to getting us out of this whirlwind of Covid life.

Here I am with my Covid Warrior badge looking windswept and interesting.

This evening I have relaxed on the sofa with a big bowl of comfort food and lots of warm blankets. Heaven.

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