UK Lockdown: Day 314

It’s been a busy few days since I last wrote. I’ve had the Pfizer vaccine, done some more volunteering, had a few beautiful walks and enjoyed some family time.

It’s true what they say- you really do get a lot out of volunteering. And I am ecstatic with the vaccine being my reward. I honestly cannot wait until we’ve all had it and hopefully we can get back to ‘normal’. And no, I don’t mean the ‘new normal’.

I think these tree roots look rather like Davey Jones. If you know, you know.

Despite it being very cold the last few days, Luke and I have had some lovely walks and discovered some hidden gems. We also managed to revisit Paul’s Pond up at Golden Acre Park.

We’ve also had a lovely Sunday meal with our wonderful joint family. It will be so wonderful when we can ALL be together again. I miss seeing my sister almost every week, and my Grandad, Josh and Uncle Harry every Sunday. It feels like much longer than 314 days since we last sat around my Mums table.

Today has also flown by, I did some home working this morning and then this afternoon we had a long walk along the canal to Kirkstall. We spotted a lovely word display on a ramshackle boat.

The message reads; Still as the moon May your mind be.

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