UK Lockdown: Day 315

It’s important to record the difficult days as well as the comfortable ones, to reflect on what matters, what we can control, and who we love having around us.

Today was a difficult day. I woke up and was downhearted by an email, the snow and a lack of direction to my day. I overreacted to the people I love and didn’t breathe in between the difficult parts of the day.

Daily mental health affirmations
Mental health matters.

But, now, as I write this blog, I’m in a better mindset. A bad day isn’t a bad life. Give yourself a breather and a well-earned pat on the back. You’re living through a God damn pandemic. Wow. That’s pretty intense. I wonder what percentage of people, who’ve lived on earth since time began, have lived through a world-wide pandemic. I bet that percentage isn’t very high.

In true Becky style, a panicked mind led to a deep-clean of the kitchen, a few mopey hours, and some good food (thank you Luke).

Smile and be happy sign
Smile. Happier times are ahead.

Strangely, I’ve managed to do a few important things today. I applied for a few jobs, cleaned the kitchen and had a meeting this evening about the social media for the Girlguides. So, all in all, not a wasted day after all.

Here’s to tomorrow, and the rest of the week. Hopefully, better times ahead.

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