UK Lockdown: Day 323

Today I spent 4.5 hours stood in a car park directing people to a Vaccination Clinic… what a job. I can honestly say I’ve never felt colder, my feet were genuinely numb by the end of my shift and I could hardly lift my right leg to walk to the bus stop.

And yet, somehow, I’ve never felt luckier. I don’t have to sleep in that horrendous cold snow (or rain, or wind etc…). It was truly an eye opening experience. It also made me appreciate how lucky I am to have such positive people around me.

It was a different clinic to the one I’ve been volunteering at, and, to be honest, I’d rather not go back. There was no briefing, no awareness of who was the Clinical Lead etc, and I just felt concerned about everyone involved really. That said, I met some wonderful patients and a lovely fellow volunteer.

On a plus note nearly 14,000,000 people have received the vaccine so far. That’s pretty incredible. See the stats here.

Aside from the clinic, I had a lovely cosy morning with Luke binge-watching Superstore (Netflix). It is hilarious and the kind of laid-back comedy we could all use right now!

This evening I spent about an hour trying to thaw out and then settled down in my pyjamas with my Mum. Possibly the best thing about this Lockdown 3 is that I’ve been able to spend cold winter nights on warm comfy sofas and not on a damp bus on my way home from work!

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