UK Lockdown Valentines Night In: Day 326

Lockdown isn’t so bad when you get a cosy night-in with your special someone, no nosey waitress, loud restaurant or air-con noise is spoiling our night. (And you can’t have a whipped cream fight in a restaurant anyway).

This Saturday night we opted for a Meal for Two from Morrison’s. We’d usually book a swank restaurant or occasionally cook a meal totally from scratch, but this year seems a bit all-over-the-place already and we are so over that! So here goes.

We’d had a busy day running errands and finding a printer so we could return something to eBay (God, I really cannot wait until this chair leaves my house), so a chilled night was needed. We’d agreed to just buy a little something for each other so I went for Luke’s favourite; Nutella. He somehow managed to get away with buying me a beautiful pair of earrings… but he knows that’s cheeky of him.

This is our cute little set up.

Our meal started with Stuffed Mushrooms with cream cheese and garlic, served along side love-heart tomatoes and pesto. The filling was creamy and well flavoured, our additions made us feel a little more like we were dining out in style.

The main course was a beautiful Rump Steak with a peppercorn butter, dauphinois potatoes and a green vegetable medley. Luke cooked our steak to perfection (medium for me), and the dauphinois were really tasty. The veggies were pretty average, but, then again, we weren’t expecting much from microwave veg.

Our dessert was a chocolate lovers dream (and we could hardly believe they were vegan!), delicious Belgian Chocolate Brownie Puddings with a lovely hint of glitter. Whoever came up with this idea is clearly one after my own heart! They were so creamy, chocolatey and surprisingly light- and I guess almost guilt-free as they were vegan. Pretty great all-rounders.

I’m going to give this three-courser an overall 8/10. The steak, mushrooms and dessert were overall winners, and it was only the accompaniment and pizazz that was lacking. Morrison’s, you’ve done us proud.

The three-course (with wine or chocolates) deal is on offer for £15 until tomorrow night so grab yours quick and treat your loved one (or just yourself) now!

We’re now settling down to a movie and relaxing the night away in true lockdown style.

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