UK Lockdown: Day 328

Monday’s in lockdown are usually as mundane as those out of it- but this sunny Monday was a great one.

Check out these awesome reflections just before sunset.

I always find the sunshine makes me feel so much better, I feel better on a bad day in the sun than a good day in the rain (well, almost). The sunshine is also brought by some news that I’ve secured a part-time temporary job at a saving superstore. I can’t wait to see how I get on- it will certainly be an experience.

Today was quite an interesting one; it started with a new series on Netflix, then a busy session writing lots of bits and bobs for Girlguiding, and then some online training.

This afternoon we took a lovely walk down the canal and spotted this great artwork by Thwaite’s Mill.

This evening, we spent most of our time watching Safe House (Netflix) which is a great high drama series. And, after eating Dawn’s delicious Corned Beef curry and rice we were exhausted as we’d walked seven miles and had very full tummies.

How has your day been today?

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