UK Lockdown: Day 336

Think hopeful and stay safe is the motto for this week I reckon. I’m feeling hopeful that good things are on the horizon, but still very much trying to be as safe as possible.

Today I spent most of my day at a vaccination centre, and I am extremely pleased to have been even a small part of this incredible job. I feel a bit like one of the tiny mice that grew into horses to pull Cinderella’s carriage. People see me and thank me when I’m typing up their details, comforting them (and reassuring them if they’re anxious) but really I am just a tiny mouse in the grand scheme of things. I hope I’ll look back in years to come and feel nostalgic about all the amazing effort that went in to every single clinic across the nation.

Lord Mayor, Coun Eileen Taylor was even at the clinic in Woodhouse a few weeks ago to encourage people to take the vaccination.

At the clinic today the press were out taking photos of people being vaccinated to try and encourage more people to come forward for their jab.

Yesterday, Monday 22nd February, was another equally exciting day- the UK found out that the proposed end to all this is the 21st of June. Wow. It seems so far away, but what’s four months when we’ve almost done a year? So near, and yet so far. Let’s hope we can accomplish all the targets and get there!

Imagine the first time you hug a family member or one of your best friends. Envisage the first wedding you attend out of lockdown. Think of the first time you hear a roar of applause in a crowded theatre, concert hall or sports stadium. All the sensations you feel when you’re surrounded by people is a magical experience.

Imagine Leeds Grand Theatre packed once again!

We’ll look back and remember how a walk in the park was our only solace on those dark days, we will move on quicker than we imagined, but the pain of those we lost will be forever etched into our memories. We’ll remember those lost days with loved ones, those moments we missed, the functions we couldn’t attend. But hopefully we will remember the good parts too; nature surrounding us and flourishing more than it had for centuries, how lucky we were to live through a pandemic that happened in the era of technology, and how we all started to care for each other. Let us hope we hold on to all the lessons we learnt.

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