UK Lockdown: Day 342

The last week has been an absolute whirlwind. I was at Leeds University Business School on Thursday sorting out a mound of post… and I mean a mound, then I started my first day at B&M Bargains. Putting an 18-aisle store together is intense- it’s a lot of stock, a lot of lifting and it means a lot of energy. Store 716, I’m ready for you. I’m so happy to be working again and this really is a new chapter in my life. New opportunities, new jobs, new mindset.

This lockdown has made me realise that a job is a job, you can’t pick and choose what role you do when you’ve been made redundant and you have bills to pay. There’s so many people in my new roles who have fallen on hard times and had to take a serious pay cut just so they can get by. I suspect there are millions more of us in very similar situations.

I think this whole pandemic has made us all realise what truly matters in life. Let’s face it, you can’t put a price on your family, friends, socialising and being around those who care about you. It’s a crazy world and a bizarre time to be alive- but let’s hope we will be out of this mess soon.

Personally, I cannot wait until I can have the whole family around me for a pub lunch, a picnic in the park, or a big celebration in a local club. I’m missing my Great Uncle, Grandad, sister and brother so much right now, and the idea of seeing them feels so special and exciting.

Yesterday my brothers support worker sent me this beautiful photo of him with her dog. Josh loves dogs, and this interaction will have meant the world to him. He is a truly wonderful man and I love him so much.

Some days are a real struggle for many of us right now, so make sure you take time to look after yourself as best you can- hold on to those you can be with right now, and hold out for the days you can see all the people you’re missing so much right now.

I’m very lucky to have these beautiful girlies in my life, our Angel and Coco.

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