UK Lockdown: Day 353

This past few weeks has been an absolute whirlwind of excitement and stress. I don’t even “know where the last 10 days have gone”. I’ve been getting to grips with two new jobs, dealing with a lot in my personal life, and then, today, we had to have my partners family pet put to sleep.

What a crazy month it has been so far. Learning a new job is a hard enough task in a ‘normal’ climate, but having to discover new things whilst constantly wearing a face mask and living through a crazy pandemic is another situation all together. It’s taught me a lot about my myself (cliche, but so true) and I now know for certain that I need to learn to take a breather at times, it’s true that you can’t change the way life pans out, or who you’re going to get on well with at work.

Aside from just learning my new role, I’m also concerned about working a new job in a store which is absolutely huge and will make an astounding amount of sales. I am hoping the whole team will work together like a well-oiled machine and not fall at the first hurdle. The past few weeks setting up the store has truly been as empowering as it has been exhausting, and I can only hope the pace calms down a little, whilst still being fun.

As for everything not work focused, I feel like life has thrown me WAAAAY too many curveballs to count right now, and I’m looking forward to a life post-Covid that feels a lot smoother and calmer. But, then again, what’s life without a bit of excitement and plenty to worry about, right? My partners Mum has found herself a new house, my sister has had to find a new home too, we’ve had a few family health scares, some bad reactions to the Covid vaccine and lots of lovely, but lonely, phone calls. And, of course, I am desperately missing my family.

I am also REALLY missing mine and Luke’s lovely walks that we used to take every day without fail. It seems strange to miss having that time together in such strange circumstances, even though it was our only solace in some really dark months.

How are you feeling as we fast approach the year mark?

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