UK Lockdown: Day 362

Life doesn’t feel very “locked down” for me right now, I’m working (almost) full-time and managing to see some of my family due to our support bubble. We’ve also managed to get roped in to helping my Grandad with home improvements tomorrow (or rather putting his curtain rails back up and deep cleaning his bathroom). They are pretty essential, so I’m sure it’s permitted.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m really missing having a lovely daily walk with Luke, and I have many fond memories of aimless wandering (on the good days) and feeling that little bit better for being out of the house (on my darker days). I think Luke is missing having me around as much as well, or maybe he just says that to make me feel better (lol). Take me back to coffee dates and holidays!

I think it’s safe to say this (almost) year has certainly taught us all a lesson. Maybe some of us needed to learn it more than others, but I am pleased to say it was a lesson I thought I already knew, but definitely now know for certain. Time spent with the ones you love is the best. Memories are always going to be more important than material things, and I never thought the idea of a picnic with my friends in a park would be the highlight of my life- but I truly cannot wait to be eating cake and laughing with my closest friends in a park! And, the very idea of having all the family round for a roast dinner brings actual tears to my eyes!

Some of the past 362 days have been bloody brilliant, spending so much time with Luke, enjoying nature and letting myself learn yoga and do some great crafting. Other days I’ve laid in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what the point of rolling out of bed was, missing the family I couldn’t see and the memories I longed to make- if you’ve been feeling like this, or still are, then please speak out to someone. You might feel ashamed or embarrassed, but I guarantee the person you speak to will be so please you’ve spoken to them and not locked it all away inside your mind.

The past ten days have been spent getting to know my new role as a Store Assistant which I’m currently really enjoying, I’m not enjoying people asking me why the my can’t “just go in” the shop though, as if there isn’t a pandemic still happening right now… Working through a pandemic has had a lot of highs and lows, whilst I was working during Eat Out to Help Out I was scared about getting Covid (in a time before face masks) but I was revelling in the tips and finally getting paid my actual wage, now I’m working through it again and wondering how people still don’t understand social distancing… thank goodness for face masks.

What have the highs and lows of lockdown been for you?

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