UK Lockdown: Day 364

Today marks a year since we were told we had to go into National Lockdown. We’d been thinking about it for a fair few weeks, pondering whether we should or shouldn’t, but then came the news that as of Tuesday 24th March 2020 the UK would lockdown for the first time. Little did we know, there would be a further two (please, God, no more) to come. I don’t think any of us knew what we would face in the months that followed…

This time last year Luke and I met up with our friends Ceri and Ruth, for a socially distanced walk. Social distancing had only just started back then, and it felt soooo strange not giving them a hug as we left them. I never would have thought that I wouldn’t have hugged my friends and relatives in all this time.

Luke and me were reminiscing yesterday about tasty meals out in restaurants and the fact that we went on holiday to Whitby during a global pandemic. I can’t believe some people went overseas, I was too scared to- and even now I’m dubious about flying, or being in another country.

I can’t wait until we can have a meal out again, and experience going somewhere for a day trip. Out time in Whitby last September was so lovely.

Yesterday’s sunshine also called for a lovely walk via Temple Newsam and up to Colton for a trip to B&M- as if I don’t spend enough time there! Spring is pushing itself through the muddy land to bring us lol some joy! And I, for one, am so ready for spring and summer to make this year so much better than the last.

Since last March, so much has happened to us; my sister moved in and out of our house, and then moved city’s, we worked in hospitality through a pandemic, we completed numerous online courses, I had video interviews, I lost my job, I found a job, I started volunteering, I lost the will to get out of bed some mornings, Luke’s Mum moved in and then back out, and it has all been a whirlwind.

What on earth was happening in the last year? What will the next year bring?

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