UK Lockdown: Day 365

Three hundred and sixty five days of wondering what the heck was/is going on- wow! Well done to everyone for getting through this INSANE year, a crazy amount of expectations for what would be to come, some bad days that we thought we couldn’t get through and so many plans cancelled, rearranged and cancelled again (the main reason I haven’t booked a holiday…) This whole pandemic thing isn’t working out for me. Can we have a reboot of 2020 and start again? Let’s face it, 2021 doesn’t look much better!

The past couple of days I’ve been feeling a bit of a Negative Nelly, and I’m really hoping that I’ll become Positive Polly over the next few. Maybe it’s because my Grandad’s birthday has been and gone again, and it’s my brother’s tomorrow, another year of no celebrations or time spent together. This morning a series of beautiful throwback photos came through on my Timehop, and I couldn’t help but feel a little bit (maybe a lot) upset, and generally just fed-up of not having any real normality.

My Mum, my brother Josh, and my partners Mum, Dawn.

I was hoping that by Easter we’d be ‘allowed’ a big family meal again, but sadly that is not an option. My sister, Sarah, is moving house so she’s coming up to Leeds to get a few more things from my mum’s house, so it’s great that we’ll get to see her, but I doubt Grandad would even want to risk it (even if permitted), and Josh can’t exactly escape his Supported Living bungalow!

My working life is pretty enjoyable right now, it’s feels good to be doing “my little bit”, stocking the shelves and serving the public. Working there, and having volunteered at vaccination centre’s has made me feel quite uplifted, especially on my bad days.

I’ve found myself daydreaming about how I’ll spend the first day we’re ‘allowed back out’, and I’ve come to a conclusion. How does brunch in a boujee cafe sound? Follow it with a cinema, crazy golf or bowling trip? Next, we’ll head to the pub for a few refreshing pints of something tasty. And we’ll end the day with another meal out, maybe Japanese bento or a massive steak. I cannot wait for a meal in a restaurant, and I know Luke is missing it loads as well.

I want to be as happy as I am here, last February, before the madness started.

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