UK Lockdown: Day 366

Today is my brother’s birthday. Usually we’d spend it eating lots of treats Josh enjoys, like cake and cheese, maybe we’d go bowling, or enjoy some time in a park together and just generally have fun. Of course, lockdown makes those things particularly difficult because we can go into his house, or go bowling, or even have a walk around a park (not yet anyway). However, today we were able to be a small part of his special day.

Such a cutie!

His (favourite) Support Worker (who is heaven-sent for sure) planned a day of excitement with a Superhero themed birthday cake, awesome balloons, a pizza-making station and a milkshake stand. Just seeing the amazing things they do for him lifts my mood so much- how would we cope without them? Support Workers (and other NHS staff are honestly the most overworked people ever, they give their lives to supporting people with additional needs and making their lives as comfortable and happy as they can be, I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for Josh.

I think I’ll let them plan my birthday this year!

Mum and I went round to his house for a socially distanced visit (we were stood about two metres from his front door, and he was comfortably sat inside being his usual awesome self. We hadn’t seen him since our last distanced visit at Christmas, apart from a few video calls, and he seemed very happy to see us. You can’t beat the cheesy grins and wonderful vocalisations be gives you when you go and see him.

I’ve blocked out his Support Workers face so they don’t feel like I’m sharing them with the world.

How beautiful is this birthday cake? I’m sure he definitely enjoyed eating it too!

We hope you enjoyed your birthday Josh, and we will definitely be spending tour next one with you- you just try and stop us! Even if we are in lockdown 375286 by then!

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