UK Lockdown: Day 371

Returning home from work to this cute little face peering around the wall at me was just wonderful. Coco makes me feel so peaceful just by looking at her. I mean, how couldn’t you feel that bit better on a bad day, that bit more grateful on a good day, with this beautiful face looking at you?

It feels good to be working again, almost good to be able to complain about an aching back after a long day, or the usual complaints we all make about that one colleague or having to have a late lunch break. Anyone who thinks furlough or unemployment is ‘fun’ is sorely mistaken. I’m so pleased to be back earning money and it doesn’t matter where you work, it brings you a sense of pride.

The last few days have been quite busy, alongside working, and volunteering with the Girlguides, I also managed to do some card making. I think my Easter designs look quite cute.

We also had such a lovely, sunny day yesterday (and today, but I was inside at work all day today), so Luke and I made the most of it and had a walk along the canal. This time we walked from Rodley to Kirkstall. It was very peaceful and so warm! After such a cold winter I am so happy to have some sun on my skin.

How beautiful is this photo?

Are you a fan of the new Spring weather? Apparently we’re due snow next week, let’s hope not *fingers crossed*!

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