UK Lockdown: Day 402

I’ve been feeling really uninspired to write anything over the past few weeks, possibly because I’m anxious as to what the lifting of restrictions meant on the 12th, possibly because I’m just done with it all now. And, certainly, because I’ve been up-and-down about my retail and my receptionist jobs.

That said, we had a fantastic weekend away last weekend and the week before. It felt amazing to get away from Leeds and enjoy some sunshine by the seaside. We went to Filey one weekend and Withernsea to visit my sister last weekend.

Primrose Valley near Filey Me at Primrose Valley, near Filey.
Withernsea towers Me, my mum and sister at Withernsea seafront.

Other fantastic news comes from my brother. We found out last week that we can meet him in a park! I can’t even tell you how ecstatic this news makes me feel. It’s bonkers that I haven’t seen him properly for about 410 days now… and goodness knows when I’ll hug him again. I’ll probably just hold him the entire time when I can. Who knew we’d ever be desperate for a hug with someone when we used to take it for granted?

Here’s my brother, Josh, and sister, Sarah in August 2019 before all the madness started…

This week has been fabulous so far. Starting it in Withernsea with Mum, Sarah, her friend Skye and my partner Luke. Working happily at B&M on Tuesday and Wednesday, then my first two ‘proper’ days as a Receptionist have been super. I’ve fixed the Newsletter for the staff announcements and handled a billion calls from stressed students about assessments, admissions, extensions and personal issues.

Plus, a lovely beer after work with Luke last night.

Today, after I finished work I popped over to see Luke’s Mum and had a cuppa or two. Then I headed home for a bath, a ready meal and some serious Coronation Street catching up.

Also, I’m definitely baffled by the fact today is day 402… really?

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