UK Lockdown: Day 409

Another Friday rolls round again. Where is the time going? Now I’m back working I seem to have such little time to just sit and think- which is actually a pretty good thing, because this time last year my thinking processes were not pleasant. I think now that so much time has passed I’m almost used to this new life and new normal.

Take last weekend as an example. We went OUT with friends and sat in a very wet beer garden (thankfully undercover) and I think I’d almost forgotten how to speak to people from not behind a screen or in a professional capacity! How cute do we all look?

In fact, last weekend was fabulous. As it was a Bank Holiday we thought we’d head out to York for a lovely trip with our parents. Ironically, as it was a bank holiday we had the typical British rain. We did make friends with a goose that couldn’t find his way to the river though, so all in all, not a bad day. The rest of the week has been pretty busy work-wise so this evening I took some time to relax and reconnect with the cats. It was also lovely to speak to my girls and have a catch up on what they’ve been up to (not a lot as a few of us are still nervous to be back out). I can’t wait until we’re getting gin drunk together, eating lots of treats and laughing the night away. Tomorrow I’m having my second Covid Vaccine and I am ECSTATIC to think that there’s normality just around the corner. We can do this guys- we’re nearly there. We have to stay hopeful that this will all end soon. It’s been a crazy 409 days for everyone, whether you’ve been working hard throughout, been made redundant, lost a loved one, or just struggled in general with the insane world we’ve been living in – keep the faith. We will all appreciate life so much more when this is over.
This is me appreciating the little things and doing some yoga!

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