UK Lockdown- Day 476-478

Isn’t it funny how the actions of one person can totally create or transform your day? The simple kind actions of strangers can make your time feel so much more pleasant and well-spent.

I’m talking about this because on Tuesday I was at B&M working and I was sweltering in the muggy heat, on my break I went to buy a cold drink but the queue was huge. My colleague who was on the checkout asked me if I was alright, so I replied saying I was fine, but I couldn’t believe the length of the queue. The lady next in line offered me to go in front and said “you need a drink when you’re working in this heat and being a key worker”. I was so thankful. I felt so honoured- there must have been about ten people in the queue, some with trollies packed full, I would have been stood there at least fifteen minutes waiting. Instead of having to queue I got to sit in the shade and cool down ready for the rest of my shift. The kindness of strangers is so lovely to see and experience.

Then, yesterday, quite the opposite happened. I had three customers complaining to me that we didn’t have the item they had “specifically come in for”, fair enough, but it isn’t my fault. I don’t choose the stock orders any more than I can control the way someone else speaks to me. I find it quite baffling how different we all are as humans. How some of us can be so kind and nurturing, and yet some can be so crass and callous to others.

Today was back to being pleasant. I was working at Leeds University, and had three complements from colleagues. One told me I should “go for every opportunity that I am given because I deserve it”, another said “you’ve got this (and offered me a cheeky wink)”, and a third said “they’ve left the best to last by asking to see you today”. It feels great being given a complement. Why is that? Even though I don’t want to be reliant on other peoples comments to make me feel good, it really does work that way.

Photo wall

You can choose to be cold and calculating, or to be complementary and courteous, and both are free. Choose to be kind. You never know what’s around the corner…

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