UK Lockdown: Day 133

Monday has gone well, there’s no reason to hate Monday’s (especially when you’re not at work)… This Monday marked nineteen weeks since Luke and I first started socially distancing, and originally self isolating, I can’t believe back then I thought this would all be over in a few weeks.

Aside from thinking how naive I had been, today I cleaned them bathroom, admittedly after a lie-in, and had some gorgeous porridge with fresh raspberries and honey- this might become my new favourite topping. After my productive cleaning session we binge-watched Benidorm and I wished we were also on an exciting, booze-filled or action packed holiday, but, alas, we aren’t, we’re in sunny Leeds instead.

After a spot of lunch we headed out for a few essentials to repack the cleaning cupboard and get something for tea. Then I played Monopoly with Sarah and wondered how I never win… I think I’ve won once… Angel decided to sit on her knee part way through the game and she was really cute.

I also made Luke’s staple, classic dish; pepperoni and pasta. I think I did a good job too, it’s very simple, but very tasty. Think pizza, but with pasta instead *ahah*

Perfect food for when one of you is rushing to work or you want something quick and easy. Later on Sarah headed home and I popped to the pub to meet Luke from work.

An all round good day.

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