Miller and Carter Restaurant Review, Leeds

*Warning* Juicy meat ahead…

Miller and Carter serve over a million of their 30-day-aged steaks a year and it’s easy to see how and why they are so popular.

We walked into the restaurant to be greeted by a friendly smile, relaxing music and the smell of red wine and beer being poured… mainly because the bar is beside the door and the barman was serving drinks. But it set the scene for a treat of a meal.Prices range from £15 for a regular steak up to £50, and there is a set menu at lunch time for those with a smaller price range. The steaks here are known for their lean, low-fat nature and juicy centres created with a beautiful marble effect in the meat. Marbling creates juicy and softer steak which is why they are renowned for their quality.

Myself and my partner both had a starter and a main course on a midweek lunch visit. It was fairly quiet at the time and there were few staff on but our waitress was very attentive.

I had the calamari starter which was far better than I expected as I usually find in-land restaurants don’t provide very fresh fish dishes. It was light and well seasoned served with aioli. My partner had the baked cheesy and garlic mushroom served with a slice of garlic bread. Now for the star of the show. THE STEAK. Obviously, we were expecting it to be pretty darn good. If I’m honest, if it wasn’t great I would have been pretty annoyed. It did not disappoint. It was succulent, cooked to my liking, lean, and even the cliche “melt-in-the-mouth” experience I was waiting for.img_1791.jpg

See, looks pretty good. Am I right? We didn’t have any space left in our stomachs for a desert but next time I am definitely opting for that instead of a starter.

Big thumbs up to our waitress, and the kitchen staff for the service and quality.


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