UK Lockdown: Day 143

Life in the UK has returned to an almost ‘normal’, some people are adjusting to a new way of life and following the restrictions, however, there is an unsettling amount of people who are unable to listen to basic instructions. I really don’t think the situation is helped by inaccurate statistics, lack of information and misleading statements by the government though….

In the UK right now you can meet with another household for drinks or food in a restaurant, or gather in a public space, but you can’t visit an elderly or disabled relative… many people are saying the government is choosing profit and the economy over basic human rights. The whole country is confused by everything and the Eat Out to Help Out scheme is causing many restaurants and eateries to feel understaffed… so you know, just basic British problems…

The government just announced that they made a mistake when recording deaths too, but the UK still has over 40,000.

Yesterday was a blur because I was one of those employees working in a restaurant through this pandemic… however, I didn’t feel understaffed, I felt confident. We had a great team on shift and the day ran smoothly.

Today I’ve been productive, taken some ‘me time’ and eaten some good, healthy food.

I cleaned and mopped the bathroom and kitchen, vacuumed the stairs (Luke did everywhere else), did two loads of washing, looked after the cats, sorted their litter trays, made lunch and made dinner. I would have taken a photo of the lovely soup I made but let’s just say that it has a lot of sweet potato and spinach in it, so the colour wasn’t the best.

After doing the weekly deep clean and chores I decided to watch some True Crime on Netflix. I also watched ‘Louis Theroux; Savile’ which was deeply disturbing but also interesting.

This evening we’ve played card and board games, relaxed and felt swell in Sarah’s company. We also ate some tasty pasta and watched some Benidorm.

Honestly, I love Unstable Unicorns so much… just not when Luke keeps winning.

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