UK Lockdown: Day 148

Tuesdays in lockdown are my absolute favourite, especially now that I can dine out and save myself some money with the government scheme.

This sunny Tuesday- which was actually quite cloudy, but sunny in terms of happiness- we did a spot of housework, tidied around the house and got ready to head out for some fun.

Luke and I tried Rosa’s Thai Cafe in Leeds Trinity today for the first time since they opened last summer. The food was authentic, but kind of chain-restaurant-y in my opinion. We tried the sweetcorn patties as a sharing starter, and then I had a chilli and basil leaf stir fry with prawns, and Luke opted for the beef in black pepper sauce. They both came with jasmine rice, and we shared some steamed vegetables.

The sweetcorn patties were flavoured with lemongrass, Thai basil, and slightly spicy chilli and served with a Thai sweet chilli dip.

My prawn stir fry was a mix of Thai basil, fresh chillis, green beans and onions flash fried in a garlic soy sauce.

Luke’s beef in black pepper was very garlicky and all the flavours from the peppers and the onions were well infused with coriander and spice.

After lunch, we decided to hit some shops, I’m usually a really keen shopper but recently some of the fun has been taken from the experience; wearing a face mask in any indoor shopping area and store, plus having to dodge the people who aren’t socially distancing is pretty draining. However, I managed to pop into Boots, Schuh, Primark and then even enjoyed a coffee with our friends Ceri and Ruth.

This evening, Luke and I have had a chilled night looking after the cats who currently enjoy chasing each other, growling at each other and stressing us out as their favourite activities. We’ve also watched a great film called Spy, featuring the fabulous Mellissa McCarthy and Jude Law. It was one of the best action comedies I’ve seen for a long time.

Finally, I’m sorry I’ve been distant recently, but we’ve had a few scares with the cats; Coco had to visit the vets due to an allergy to some flea treatment, and we’ve been working flat out for a few days as well. I hope everyone is feeling as safe and happy as possible in these strange times.

Here’s a bonus photo of Mylo, being super cute and showing us how much he’s grown!

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