UK Lockdown: Day 271 & 272

Lazy Sundays and Busy Mondays.

Sunday was a day of rest and card writing. What a combination? Mum and I have always written all her cards together, we’re always late with it, but this year particularly so- I’m sure no one will mind if they receive a card a little late after the year we’ve all had though. I’ve not received as many cards as I usually do anyway, let’s face it- we can’t see each other, that’s half the trouble.

Christmas card gif 2020

We had a chilled afternoon after I’d had a busy morning making a yummy dessert for Christmas Eve with my lovely sister (who’s also in our bubble).. I can’t tell you the dessert because it’s a surprise! After a long time not seeing her I am absolutely ecstatic to be in her presence and see her beautiful partner and gorgeous boys (cats).

Monday was filled with more relaxation, visiting people (from a silly distance) and a well-earned wine this evening.

This morning, Mum and I went for a haircut (before the potentially impending Tier 4 hits the whole of the UK…), and I wound up having a shoulder massage (very needed after this years 6739475937 days). Can’t go wrong there, can I?

Next we headed to see my brother Josh, he lives in supported living and the support workers there are actually Earth’s Angels! I can’t thank them all enough for keeping him looking so healthy and as happy as he can be in these insane times. We dropped off his presents (which are quarantined for three days) and had a chat from two(+) metres away through the door. It was so surreal but genuinely so GREAT to see him, even if we did interrupt his pamper day! We were glad we could at least see him, if only from a distance (we are all desperate or a Josh hug!) I didn’t take a photo because I would spend the next three days looking at it and crying- but he looked gorgeous as always. And I can’t believe how long it’s been without normal contact with him… God bless him and all the staff there.

Here’s a throwback to him thinking ‘do we have to take another selfie, Becky?’. Sorry about my face…

Later on we left Mum to do some shopping , and headed to drop a few more cards off with a friend. It was so LOVELY and also very strange that we had to stand outside awkwardly and yet we were talking like we’d never been apart… it’s a strange world we live in.

This evening, and after a busy day, I’m having a well-earned glass of red and a bubble bath. I’ve never felt tired from running errands before… but here you go. Also, how old do you have to be before it’s acceptable to be knackered after having a shoulder massage? Please advise.

Julia Roberts bathtub Disclaimer: I am not Julia Roberts in the bathtub.

The film of the Christmas Countdown this evening is Christmas Prince starring Rose McIver (iZombie), on Netflix. It’s a modern take on Prince’s life at Christmas and it is very good so far.

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