UK Lockdown: Day 259

What a busy day- I actually feel physically and slightly mentally drained today. We started our daily activities a lot earlier than normal and left the house at 10.30am (early when you’re not working, right?), then the exciting adventures started.

Due to us not working at the moment we decided rather than posting our cards in the traditional way, we would get a bus ticket and cover almost the whole of Leeds delivering Christmas cards.

Our first stop was Garforth, where we spotted this funny sign in Cielo’s window, and I later spotted this cute dude on their Facebook page.

It was a cold and dreary day, so I was glad we weren’t out walking very far today. We saw a garden in Crossgates which had a fantastic display in the front garden; a Police phone box (like the one in Dr Who), an old telephone box, street signs, a post box and an old plane with the slogan “Thank you NHS”.

Our escapade also took us across to Seacroft, Temple Newsam, Kirkstall, Lawnswood and Adel. We were going to Roundhay as well but the buses let us down and we headed home in about 6.30pm.

When we delivered the cards, we decided to knock on my Uncle Harry’s door and we had a wonderful chat with him. It was so lovely to see his face as I’ve not been with him since March. And the Lawnswood address was my grandads and I don’t think he’s ever looked happier to see us, I can’t wait to give him a big squeeze and make him a cup of tea in the (I hope) near future.

Tonight we’re planning a cosy night (as usual), with cats and films to relax. The Christmas film tonight is ‘All I want for Christmas’. We also have a renovated front door which has definitely made the house a little bit warmed with the sudden change in temperature.

I didn’t take many photos today, so here’s a bonus photo of Angel, just before we went to bed last night. I mean, don’t all cats climb into the bath tub on a night? What a cutie.

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