UK Lockdown: Day 331 & 332

They same time flies when you’re having fun- but time actually flies when you occupy your mind with other things than just clock-watching.

This week is honestly flying by for me, I spent a large chunk of the week doing online training with Girlguiding, and sourcing lots of great information for their social media. Then, yesterday, I did a full day at a Covid vaccination clinic, which is as rewarding as it is tiring, and I feel great to be part of such an amazing service. Today I’ve done some training towards taking over the newsletter at Leeds Business School, and I’m doing an Excel refresher training course for when I start working there at the actual front desk!

This week I’ve actually learnt quite a lot and it feels good to know that it’s all been important things that I will 100% use in my career, or in general. It’s making me wonder what I will do in the future too, will it make a difference to my future path?

In the previous two lockdowns I spent a lot of time procrastinating, feeling generally very low and wondering when this hell would end… I still have those days and always wonder when this will all be a distant memory- but I’m making use of my time and it’s making me feel a whole lot more ‘normal’. I guess losing your job and questioning your existence does that for you? And, certainly, seeing people in far worse straights than you puts you in the right mindset.

This evening we’re planning a curry night (complete with Cobra beer) and a night of chill. If I’m not too full I might even have a bath and watch Corrie. (And at the moment Corrie is intense). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- it really is the little things that keep us all going.

Remember to look after yourself, if that means napping, yoga-ing, getting fresh air, keeping yourself busy or picking up the phone and talking to someone- do it for yourself today.

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