UK Lockdown: Day 381

It’s baffling that I’m still worrying about getting a virus that’s been around for a year and half already, isn’t it? There’s thousands of dangerous diseases and viruses out there but this is still the one we’re really worrying about.

How has it been ten days since I last wrote anything? Wow. What can I tell you about the past ten days? Well, we definitely had that snow that was forecast. I was starting to feel really lousy the day before and (thanks to the snow?) became full of cold and quite achey. Which, if you couldn’t guess already, meant I started panicking that I have Covid. I don’t. Thank goodness.

It’s crazy that this has taken hold of so many households, dreams, lifestyles, and lives generally. I wonder what the next eighteen months will bring?

For me, the worst part of lockdown has been the lack of contact with those I love the most. My best friends and I have spoken almost daily which has been lovely, but not being able to see them properly and not being able to hug them, or even see some of my family has been awful. Having a sibling that doesn’t understand what’s going on is the worst part. I often wonder if he just thinks we can’t be bothered to see him or visit, but it’s so painful standing four metres away from him and not being able to communicate how we normally would.

I feel so lucky that I’m the past few days, my sister has stayed with us (she’s moving her belongings from her old flat in Leeds) as part of our extended bubble. She’s been through A LOT in the past year (plus), and puts my redundancy, anxiety and general hardship into perspective from what she’s faced. And, do you know, she’s strong and fierce from all her life experiences. I love her so much.

The house is so quiet without you Saz. I love you. Thanks for bringing Skye into our lives too.

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