UK Lockdown: Day 382

Weekends are all about retail, relaxation and rest. And, in that order.

Today I did a long day at work in my retail job, it was a pretty sound day. Not as busy as always, but I’m led to believe that’s because it snowed today (say, Whattt?). I handled some customer queries, moved some garden furniture, stocked some cleaning products and tidied the Health & Beauty aisle.

When I returned home from work Luke was out for a walk with some friends (what a luxury!), never thought I’d be excited about that- I was also quite giddy for a relaxing night in. I ran myself a bath with Epsom salts and Imperial Leather bath soak, poured myself a glass of rose and melted into a very bubbly bath.

Self care is SUPER important right now. This pandemic is far from over, and I think we could all do with maxing out our relaxation and self love programme. Whether you’re a fan of meditating, crafting, retail therapy or a right good soak, make sure you take some time out to just breathe. The earth is mental right now, and even though it’s been 382 days since our world got turned upside down, you still need to take time for yourself.

The rest part of my evening is going fantastically well. I’m slumped on the sofa, still sipping my wine and catching up on Corrie. My lovely Luke also made a delicious beef casserole which I have devoured. The perfect kind of food for windy, long days. What a diamond.

Look after yourselves folks.

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