UK Lockdown- Day 475

Maundy Monday- the wake of Euro 2020/21. This day should be named this after England missed out on winning the Euro’s last night. In a tense game against Italy, during which I, a self-confessed “non fan”, was screaming at the television and sat on the edge of the sofa… I’m not sure what happened, maybe it was the tension of the last 475 days (say, what?), or maybe I’m just finally appreciating the ‘art’ involved in a game of footie? Either way, it would have been lovely for us to have won, let’s face it, sport brings this great nation together.

You’re possibly wondering why it’s been so long since I last wrote? Well, in all honesty, I’ve just been busy socialising, getting used to working again, dealing with this ‘new normal’ (I really hate calling it that), and seeing family again. I’ve even seen my brother Josh, admittedly at a cafe, and outside, but I touched his hand when he banged the table (he has a chromosome disorder and loves anything sensory) and it felt SUREAL. If I’m being totally frank with you it took me about a week to fully digest appreciate that I spent a few hours with Josh. It was undoubtably the highlight of my year (sorry everyone else I hold dear). I doubt anything will beat those few hours, how is that even conceivable?

In the last two months we also celebrated my partner’s, Luke, and my sister’s, Sarah birthdays- by actually going out to a restaurant with family (admittedly limited numbers but there you go)- I’ve got my fingers crossed that this year my birthday won’t be in lockdown again(!), with Boris’ statement that he won’t “rule out” a winter lockdown…

Being silly is my favourite thing.

I’ve had a few bad days questioning what life even is in 2021, and what the future holds with living through a pandemic. All the new rules and changes are fast approaching too, so I’ve been trying to realise and assess what that realistically means for me and my family, our safety and livelihoods. It was good to have some time away from writing a blog every day, but I’ve also missed it, not that there’s much to write when you’re working, but days out and rare activities should be written about, so I shall endeavour to write more. Like today, a wet but wonderful day in York with Luke.

Sometimes I look nice, Luke is good at taking photos.

Work wise things are feeling pretty steady. I am loving my time at Leeds University and still feel like B&M was an absolute Godsend of an opportunity, I feel like I’m doing something good by working there and God forbid there’s another lockdown at least I’ll still have some stability with this job. Retail work is damn hard work though, after a long day I ache even more than I did in hospitality, and when I’m at university sat behind a desk I almost feel lazy- what’s that all about? For me, being able to go to work and do a (hopefully) good job every day means a lot to me. I hated furlough, I loathed redundancy and I thank my blessings for my jobs every day. Being busy keeps me sane, whether I’m busy on a day out with Luke, busy working or busy doing my own thing, I just hate being sat doing nothing… it’s not the Becky life.

The last few months have also kick-started a special bond with Angel. Since mine and Luke’s routines pretty much match-up every day barring Wednesday, she’s been my best friend every Wednesday night. I love our cuddles and closeness after years of me thinking she resented me for spending time with Luke! Coco has always treated me like a Queen, Angel has only just allowed me to share the Lady of the Manor role.

Queen Angel.

I think that’s all the updates I have for you pretty much, I promise not to leave it so long next time…

Make sure you take time away from something if you need to give yourself a break to process things, no one has the answers right now. Look after yourself, always.

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